Excel to Tally XML v1.1

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It is very if we can prepare vouchers in excel and then import it into tally. It can save time and is also very convenient. What if we have 1000+ transactions in a bank statement, it will be a very hard task to enter all transactions into tally. Also, accuracy needs to be checked again. There are a number of applications, add-ons and TCPs are available in the market.

This tool is very easy to use. The tool consists of two files, one excel template to enter or prepare transactions to be converted and the converting tool.

How to use this tool?

  1. Open “Template.xlsx” and enter values in the respective columns. (Don’t enter anything in “grey colored” columns.)
  2. Save the file and close it.
  3. Open “Excel to Tally XML Tool”
  4. If the application shows a dialog box saying Data Source Error press “No”.
  5. Enable macros once the file opened.
  6. Then a file open dialog will appear to choose the “Template.xlsx” file / your file with the same template.
  7. If there is no error you will get a “Success” message. Press “Ok”.
  8. Next, a dialog box will appear. Give a file name for your output file. Press “Ok”.
  9. Voila! The converted file will be saved into (eg: “output file.txt”) the same folder from where you choose the Template.xlsx file.
  10. Open Tally. Go to Gateway of Tally –> Import Data –> Vouchers. Give the output filename with the file path and extension.
  11. Your vouchers are imported in to tally. Check daybook or ledgers to confirm.

Always keep a backup of tally data before trying this tool.

This Article Is For Educational Purpose Only. Use At Your Own Risk.

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